Technology Training


“I am the manager of a Community Centre in NSW and was lucky enough to have Terry Lindsay as a tutor to our seniors. Our loss is Qld’s gain”!

Chris Jensen – Albion Park Community Centre

“I have used the tutoring services of Technology Training Group to gain experience with using my laptop computer for my business. I didn’t even know how to turn it on! I had six lessons and learn’t how to use the mouse, search the internet, make new folders, check my email and much more. With the help of my tutor I set up my own Facebook page with a profile picture. I now can keep in contact with my daughter who lives in North Queensland. I would highly recommend the services of Technology Training Group”.

Terry Jacobsen

” I received excellent prompt service and they fixed my computer issue – Highly recommended”!

PDR Perfect Panels 


 “I had a problem with my ebook not connecting via wifi. I phoned Technology Training Group and the problem was resolved quickly. I thought that the price charged for the service was very reasonable”.

Ron Thompson (Ruby Gardens Resort, Eagleby)


“Terry from Technology Training Group managed to repair my computer as I had downloaded a virus and it would’nt work properly. I needed it fixed in a hurry as I had a committee meeting later on in the day and required information that was on the computer. I would like to thank him for his fast, efficient service!”

Rod Ryan (Claremont Resort, Park Ridge)


 “I have done the Broadband for Seniors Course and learnt basic computer skills. Unfortunately I ended up in hospital for a while and now have forgotten what I have learnt! I phoned Technology Training and Terry came out and saw me. He realised that my computer mouse skills needed some work and set me up with a practice program. When my mouse skills improve Terry said to call him back and we will continue further. Terry has plenty of patience and I would highly recommend him to other people that want to learn”.

Rod Hunter (Claremont Resort, Park Ridge)


 “I rang Technology Training to help gain some additional computer skills and learn how to use Microsoft Excel. I found my tutor very knowledgeable, patient and friendly but more importantly he never made me feel inadequate or any of my questions silly. After the lesson he emailed further information to assist me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Technology Training to any potential customers”.

Sylvia Constantin (Kingsholme)


 “A trainer from Technology Training called around to help me learn more about my computer. I had the “Ubunti” operating system installed on my laptop but used to have Windows Vista. I wanted Ubunti removed and Vista re-installed on my computer but did not have the install CD. The trainer managed to re-install Vista on my computer and I have now started learning. I would like to thank him for scanning and emailing my resume as I was unable to use my computer at the time. I would highly recommend their service”

Lisa Changwai, Woodridge


 “I wanted to use online banking but was too afraid of having my bank account hacked into. A trainer from Technology Training explained to me that is is quite safe if you follow a few simple precautions. He explained quite throughly how to protect myself whilst using online banking and I now use it all the time to pay my bills and view my accounts. I should have learnt to do this years ago! Thanks guys for such a great service”!

Sonia Collins, Strathpine


 “I contacted Technology Training as I wanted to learn how to use ebay and Paypal. The instructor explained everything throughly and gave me step by step guides that I could work through. I can now bid on ebay and pay for goods safely using Papyal. I am very happy with the service I received”.

Joan – Mermaid Waters


 “My wife has a Mac book computer and I asked Technology Training to come out and show her how to use it. Terry came out and showed my wife a few of the basics but the next day came back with a training DVD and some step by step guides. He only charged for the one visit (1hour) which I thought was very reasonable. I am happy to recommend Technology Training to any other struggling computer user”!

Andy & Mavis Turner – Sapphire Gardens, Eagleby


 “Technology Training were able to give instruction to a friend of mine that has had a stroke and cannot talk. Using the iPad and a program called “Proloquo2go” he is now able to communicate with us effectively. I also have had tuition and am extremely impressed with the tutor’s patience and teaching methods”.

Isabella – Regal Waters, Bethania


 “I contacted Technology Training to have a look at why my mouse was not working. They quickly diagnosed the problem, and took it away to be repaired. They returned a few days later with it fixed, and at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has computer issues”.

Sue – Riverside Resort, Upper Coomera


 “Technology Training were able to connect my ADSL broadband and new computer for me. They transferred my files from my old computer and showed me how to use my new one. There charges were very reasonable and I am happy to recommend them”.

Margorie – Southport


 “I am 82 and did not know whether to buy a laptop computer or an iPad. Terry from Technology Training came and showed me both of them and explained the differences. I decided to buy an iPad and went and bought one. I then contacted Terry to come and set it up. Terry came and realised that I had bought the wrong one. I had bought the WiFi model where I needed the one with 3G. The store I bought it from did not have one in stock so Terry returned it to another store for me. He even went to Telstra to organise my 3G SIM card for my iPad. I then had 5 lessons using easy to follow step by step guides. I didn’t think that I could do it! Although I don’t know everything about the iPad I can now check email, surf the internet, listed to music, watch videos & read ebooks – so I’m quite happy”!

Claudia – Avaya Resort – Albion


 “After having a lesson with Terry I thoroughly recommend his Company to Seniors or any oher age group”.

Connie – Mt Cotton


 “I called Technology Training Group to help me with my Hotmail account which I could no longer login to. I had tried everything and I was very frustrated. Terry managed to fix it up and log me on again. He also assisted my partner who had issues logging onto his bank and hooking up to his printers. I was so pleased with the work done and the very reasonable amount charged. I would highly recommend Technology Training Group to others that have computer problems that need sorting out”.

Gerry – Hope Island Resort


 “I was lucky enough to win free vouchers for some lessons when I attended the Seniors Expo at Jupiters Casino. I ended up using the vouchers not for lessons but for technical issues with my internet connection. I was on dial up internet, which was very slow and I had been trying to get it changed. Everytime I contacted Optus I spoke with an Indian person with a heavy accent. I found him very difficult to understand and having a hearing aid only added to the problem. The fellow from Technology Training Group sorted out my problems with Optus, put me on a faster internet connection that cost’s me less than I was paying before. I am extremely happy with the service that I received and I am telling all my friends about my experience”.

Joan – Mermaid Waters