Technology Training


As of 1st January 2018

One-on-one tuition for computers, tablets & Smartphones

We offer a one-on-one tutoring service for those who enjoy a more intimate instruction.

We visit you and teach you on your own computer and at your own pace.

We customise the classes to your interests and needs. We will make the foreign language of technology as

accessible and friendly as possible. Our instructors are specially trained individuals who are knowledgeable of

key technologies, demonstrate the ability to instruct on the topic of education and show a fundamental

ability to instruct technology to the middle aged and elderly population with creativity, patience and


Standard Rate: $75.00 per hour

We can also tutor in small groups with pricing as follows:

2 students $95.00 per hour 

3 students $110.00 per hour

4 students $125.00 per hour

Small groups (up to four students) are a great option, as the hourly cost can be divided between

the number of students.

We can also cater for larger groups if required. Price on application.

Computer Repair

Standard rate: $90.00 per hour

Remote Session (Teamviewer) $45.00 per 30 minutes

Normal Hours: 9am to 5pm – Mon – Fri

After Hours & Weekends – 20% surcharge (based on hourly rate)

Travel Allowance (if more than 50 km from base) 20% surcharge based on hourly rate