Google Translate – Translate documents & webpages from one language to another

Google Maps – Get map directions anywhere in the world

Google Street View – Explore the world at street level

Newspapers – Read newspapers from around Australia & the world

Australian Radio Stations– Listen to Australian radio stations

World Radio Stations – Listen to radio from all over the world

Carol’s Music Site – Learn how to play the piano

Foodily – The worlds largest receipe site

Goodtyping – Learn to type

Zilch – Where items are given away for free!

Turu – Find a holiday park, cabin or camping ground

Create a website in minutes – Simplesite or Wix

Check if a website is “up” or “down” – click here

Print only what you require on a webpage – print what you like or Print Friendly

Find unclaimed money from lost bank accounts – Money Smart

Check your credit score – Get Credit Score

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Free online games

The Trading Post


you tube

Unroll Me – Quickly un-subscribe from your email lists

Shrink your pictures for free online! click on either of the links below.


shrink pictures

Reduce the size of PDF files for emailing – click here

Easily crop & cut media files using Croppio – click here

PDF Joiner – Join PDF files into a single PDF file – click here

Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design software

Convert MP4 (video) to MP3 (Audio) online  – click here

Convert MKV (video) to MP3 (Audio) online – click here

Convert various file types, such as DWG to PDF etc  –  Click here

Convert Microsoft Publisher files (.pub) to PDF – click here

Online Audio & Video Converter – click here

Reduce the size of an MP4 video file without losing quality – click here

Open winmail.dat files – Click here

Online Document Converter (convert from one format to another) – click here

Easily transfer data from iPad to PC, iPad to Iphone or vice versa – click here

Convert HEIC (ipad) to JPEG – click here

Send large files over the internet for free! – click here

Find out your IP address – click here

Find out if your IP address is blacklisted – click here

Definitions of Computer and Internet Terms – click here