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Adding an email account automatically

Adding an email account manually

Adding apps to the iPad dock

App store settings & use


Brightness & Wallpaper


Copy & paste text between apps

Dealing with widgets in iOS 10

Determining the MAC address

Download photos from a digital camera

Email composition & management

Email Settings

Essential Apps

Factory Data Reset

Get started with the iPad Home screen customisation

Home screen layout

How to add Google calendar

How to add music to iTunes

How to add PDF files to iBook

How to add PDF’s

How to clear the cache

How to close open apps

How to close running apps

How to create folders

How to customise your picture frame

How to delete applications

How to disable installing apps

How to disable keyboard clicking sound

How to enable bluetooth

How to enable bookmarks

How to fix a slow iPad after an update

How to enable shuffle or repeat music

How to export Keynote for iPad

How to force a reboot

How to force a restart

How to grab the iPad ECID

How to import docs to pages on your iPad

How to import presentations to Keynote

How to insert an image in pages

How to insert photos in a pages document

How to join a wireless network

How to locate your stolen iPad

How to lock your iPad

How to unlock an iPad on iOS 10

How to make an icon for for website

How to make your own wallpaper

How to manually backup

How to multitask

How to open zip files

How to print from your iPad

How to remove the sent from my ipad message

How to rename folders

How to reset data usage

How to resolve the memory is low error

How to restore a backup from iTunes

How to save photos

How to save pictures from websites

How to scan a QR code and install an iOS app

How to send pictures via email

How to setup email accounts

How to shut down & reboot

How to stream video

How to switch between open apps

How to sync multiple calendars

How to take a screen shot

How to use the camera kit

Lock the screen orientation

Maximize battery life

Passcode lock

Photos & Videos

Picture Frame powering & locking

Quick scroll to top of page

Quickly mute the sound

Removing email accounts

Resolving the not enough memory error


Save images while browsing

Saving ContactsSounds & Notifications

The home button

The keyboard

Type faster with double spaces

Volume control

Web Browser