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Telstra Mail Changes

Telstra Mail changes and how they affect Bigpond email accounts

Have you received a recent notification, either advising that your Telstra email service is about to change, or that it has ALREADY changed?

Many of my customers have found that their email suddenly stopped working because of this Telstra change (which they had all been advised by email, but didn’t understand what it was all about!

So, what does this change mean?

You are going to have to do some setup and modification of settings on your device/s as soon as Telstra makes this change to your email. There is both good and bad news associated with this change.

So what’s the good news?

If you have an email address that was set up before about 2012, this email account will be the old style of email address known as POP that can cause several frustrations.  POP stands for “Post Office Protocol”.

For example, your POP mail is not synchronised across multiple devices, which means double (and, perhaps, triple) handling of your emails.  It also means that your Sent mail can only be viewed on the device from which it was sent.  You may have also discovered you have trouble sending emails when you are not on a Telstra-provided internet connection – especially overseas.  Additionally, POP accounts are cannot be set up with Mailboxes for ‘filing’ and organising your correspondence.  (More recently created Telstra email accounts do not suffer these problems, because they are Microsoft Outlook accounts.  These newer accounts are also being migrated to Telstra’s new ‘Telstra Mail’ service, away from the Microsoft platform.)

The good news is that new Telstra Mail service is a different style of email account known as IMAP, and will resolve these issues for you. IMAP is an acronym for Internet Message Access Protocol.

Mail will stay in sync between your devices, Sent mail will be able to be seen from any device, and sending issues when overseas will disappear.  You will also be able to organise your mail into your own set of mailboxes.

And the bad news?

Because of the change, your existing Bigpond Mail connection on your computer and mobile device will stop working as soon as Telstra migrates your mail to the new service. This means that, to continue accessing your mail, you must change the email setup on any devices on which the email account has been installed.  In some cases changes will be required to multiple devices – eg computer, tablet, iPad and mobile phone.

In most cases, the Telstra Mail account must be added as a NEW ACCOUNT. The old POP account account cannot be edited. It requires disabling or deleting and a new account setup.


What do you do with the ‘old’ version of the Mail account?

If you need to add Telstra Mail as a new account, something to consider then is what to do with the ‘old’ version of the Bigpond mail account. You may want to just delete this account.  But there are a few things to consider, depending on whether you were on POP or Outlook previously.

Be warned about deleting your old POP account!  

If you you have the old ‘POP’ style of Bigpond account, removing the account from your device will mean that you will delete all of the account’s mailboxes from your device.  In particular, you will lose all the ‘Sent’ mail that is stored for this old account.  For POP email accounts, this Sent mail will not be available on any of your other devices, so will be completely lost.

If you need to keep some or all of this Sent mail so that you have a record of important emails you have previously sent, there are a couple of options.

  • You can move that Sent mail to to your newly set up IMAP email account, either into that account’s ‘Sent’ mailbox or to a specially created Mailbox in that new mail account.
  • On a Mac, iPad or iPhone, you can simply ‘disable’ the mail account.  This will mean that the account will no longer appear in the Mail app.  However, if there are situations where you need to view old Sent mail, you can temporarily re-enable the account then disable again when you are done.

Deleting your ‘Outlook’ style Bigpond account  

If your Bigpond Mail was an Outlook account, you may have some Contact and Calendar information stored in that account (as well as your Mail). This Contact and Calendar information is not being migrated to the new Telstra Mail service, so you may need to keep both the ‘old’ Outlook and ‘new’ Telstra Mail accounts, but just ‘turn off’ the mail aspect of the original account.

I am sure that one will leave a few of you scratching your heads, wondering what I am talking about?  This might be something that you need to contact me about, especially if you find that your Contacts or Calendar items have disappeared after you move to the new Telstra Mail setup.

When will your Bigpond email account be moved?  

It is possible to check when your own Bigpond account will undergo this change.  Here is the link to the Telstra page for checking this. If you find, like me, that your account has not yet been scheduled for the move, you can choose a date for the move.

If you need help setting up the new email account click here.

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